Vision & Mission


“Gramin Vikas Kendra strives to promote unique society that will create developmental opportunities and raise access to mainstream without discrimination of cast, creed, language, race and religion. We believe a society where in the poor, the marginalized and the under privileged enjoy equal opportunities and participate equally in the developmental process”.


Gramin Vikas Kendra aims at building capacities of poor and needy people in general and youth, women, Dalits, tribes and small and marginal farmers with a view furthering their socio- economic conditions with special reference to health, natural resource management, livelihood, education, governance and constitutional rights

Abstracts of Organizational Aims and Objectives :

To attempt for the overall development of Dalit, tribal, Nomadic, Denotified tribes, farmers, land laborers, marginalized land holders belonging especially to the socio-economically weaker sections of the society as well as women and children from all categories.
To undertake studies and conduct research on different social, economical, cultural, and educational and health issues prevailing in the society.
To use available information and the innovations and create awareness at society level utilizing various campaign mediums as well as creating occasional and in-occasional material required for such campaigns.
To conduct and impart trainings to the craftsmen, artisans and activists at various levels engaged in social development as well as achieve the tasks of rural development through the science, technologies and the informal education as well as initiating activities to solve the basic problems like education, health and culture faced by the deprived lives in rural areas.
To organize, conduct and participate in the discussions, conversations, trainings, people’s collective programmes and the meets that could be helpful to achieve / fulfill the organizational aims.

Organizational Primary Areas of Focus :

Poverty Alleviation & Capacity Building
SHG Promotion and Micro Finance
Health, Trafficking and General Education
Water, Sanitation & Natural Resources Management
Legal Aid and Women Empowerment
CBO Consolidation & Advocacy
Landless and Right to Land

1. Strengthening movement towards land development and right to land, and creating an opportunities of livelihood for landless Dalits, Nomadic & Denotified tribes and marginalized.
2. Empowerment and capacity building of women and strengthening their organizations through SHGs approach / Federation as a micro-finance institution.
3. Dalit & Tribal governance and promoting Dalit & Tribal women to participate in Panchayat Raj institutions as well as building the capacities of Gramsabhas.
4. Rights of the children, child labour and education opportunities for them as well as conducting value education and personality development programme for children.
5. Action project towards promotion of people’s movement and organization of the people through Lokjivan activities towards rights to employment, education, rationing and health issues.
6. Liaisons between people and the government on the developmental issues and the opportunities.