History of the Organization

During the period of 1991 to 1994 the founder of the organization was actively involved in the activities of ‘Manvi Hakka Abhiyan’ a campaign for human rights jointly initiated by the like minded organizations to address the issues related to Dalit, landless, Nomadic and Denotified tribes, women, children and weaker sections of the society especially in Maharashtra state of India. The participation of the founder in the movement was absolutely voluntary that remained remarkable to transfer the knowledge and change into reality. It was an excitement and thrill for him to contribute towards prevailing issues like exploitation, oppression, untouchability, corruption, atrocities and land for livelihood etc. during his involvement with ‘Manvi Hakka Abhiyan’ movement in Maharashtra.

The involvement as an activist in the movement helped the founder to gain exhaustive knowledge and exposure in terms of the marginalized people, their values, norms, traditions and forms of discriminations at various levels as well as increased self-sense towards substandard treatments given to the poor and underprivileged. The founder was able to observe traumatic living very closely experiencing that the people especially belonging to the categories of Dalit, Nomadic and Denotified tribes as well as marginalized communities of the society in the daily life. The constructive intervention to assist poor and invisibles during the period consolidated and enhanced inspiration among him to be committed for the empowerment and development of most neglected and underprivileged tribal and Dalit communities. At the same time it was realized by him that the circumstances and the realities ware strongly rooted and it was absolutely difficult to remove within stipulated period of times. It was required long-term organized interventions with knowledge and skills along with financial support as it was difficult to manage the expenses from own and pockets of the friends.

The year 1994 was a turning point that forced the founder to think about substitute alternatives to enhance more constructive initiative in the interest of these communities. The involvement equipped, empowered and inspired him with thoughts of great reformers like Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Phule, Shahu maharaj and Dadasaheb Gaikwad etc. learned during the movement involvement. The founder identified the like-minded individuals from the field so that the more constructive service-rendering agency is constituted so that the thoughts are spread, applied for the benefit poor and marginalized people. Finally, in the brain storming sessions with the interested individuals the final draft of the Memorandum of Association was finalized and an organization called ‘Gramin Vikas Kendra’ got registered on 29.05.1995 at Ahmednagar.

Today, it is a well-recognized organization in the field of women & child empowerment, youth development, agriculture, sanitation, watershed development, environment management, awareness, training, resource mobilization and education. It posses the team of trained staff, well equipped office, reference library and healthy relations with Govt. officials, like- minded organizations and target groups.