How Can Help?

You can Help by :
    A year of guardianship of one child
    Food donation or monetary donation on the occasion of your birthday,marriage,vastu shanti,memorial day,Anniversary,or an any other auspicious day.
    Contributing in building the memorial of deceased
    Can participate by using your interpersonal skills or hobbies like dance , Storytelling etc and participate with kids.
    In-kind donation like Rice, Wheat, Jowar, etc
    Donating School Kit, uniforms, Toy set, hobby set, cycles, computer, furniture etc
    Donating on eve of Diwali.Eid, Christmas or Anyone’s Birth anniversary.
    One day Food Donation – 3000/
    One Child, Monthly guardianship-2000/-
    One Child one year Guardianship-24000/
    Voluntary donation and your Precious time in the process of formation, would be highly appreciated